Listen about Lane Pushing Games (.com) and the game ‘Causeway’ with Sean Carton

What are Lane Pushing Games? What’s this game ‘Causeway’ that is being developed? Steph & Brian talk all things game design and esports with someone who probably could have brought up new and interesting points on the topic for days. There’s certainly several hundred PhDs to be done on this complex and fascinating topic  (Subscribe on Spotity, Google, Apple or Stitcher if you like to listen to podcasts while smurfing on Dota 2).

We repeat this is not about Moba’s but about lane pushing games so ask Sean yourself to explain the difference on Twitter (@Softmints4) or take some time to read up on the differences on this amazing labour of love website → Sean on twitter! → Game design and history → Causeway, the game → Sean’s company


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