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From an outside perspective, it may be believed that the video gaming and esports industry thrived during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns due the capacity for online gaming and many media reports citing surging player and viewer statistics. However,…

Participation in esports (excluding active video games) has raised concerns due to its sedentary nature and the potential negative effects this may have on player health. As well, research suggests that physical activity (PA)/exercise…

This study explored Norwegian esports students’ lifestyle perspectives and habits concerning health and esports performance. Methods and results: Twenty participants between 17 and 21 years of age studying esports were recruited from high schools and…

Anders als im traditionellen Sport stehen im E-Sport nicht die Verbände, sondern die Publisher im Mittelpunkt. An ihnen muss sich jeder Marktteilnehmer orientieren, um im E-Sport tätig werden zu können. Begründet wird diese Position damit, dass der…

Technological advancements in games increased the popularity of online gaming. The rapid expansion of the eSports market may largely be attributed to the ever-increasing popularity amongst Generation Y amateur gamers. The primary objective of this…

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