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Balakina, D., Serada, A., & Schott, G. (2022, November). From the Cradle to Battle: What Shapes the Careers of Female CS: GO Esports Players. In Proceedings of the 25th International Academic Mindtrek Conference (pp. 41-52).

Ioanitiu, L. (2022). Professional Players’ Rights and Obligations in Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

Irwin, S., Naweed, A., & Lastella, M. (2022). Is is toxic? Banter? Or just talking shit? Applying the AACTT framework to understand trash talk behaviour in esports.

Sharpe, B. T., Besombes, N., Welsh, M. R., & Birch, P. D. (2022). Indexing Esport Performance. Journal of Electronic Gaming and Esports, 1(aop), 1-13.
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