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Jia, W. (2022). Book Review: Mapping Digital Game Culture in China: From Internet Addicts to Esports Athletes.

Gong, T., Fan, Z., Popovic, S., & Wang, G. (2022). Copyright protection of live esports broadcast under China's new Copyright Law. Technology in Society, 71, 102123.

Wong, D., & Meng-Lewis, Y. (2022). Esports diplomacy–China’s soft power building in the digital era. Managing Sport and Leisure, 1-23.

Zhao, Y., & Zhu, Y. (2020). Identity transformation, stigma power, and mental wellbeing of Chinese eSports professional players. International Journal of Cultural Studies

Zhao, Y., & Lin, Z. (2020). Umbrella Platform of Tencent eSports Industry in China. Journal of Cultural Economy, 1-17.

Szablewicz, M. (2016). A Realm of Mere Representation? ‘Live’ e-Sports Spectacles and the Crafting of China’s Digital Gaming Image. Games and Culture, 11(3), 256-274.

Szablewicz, M. (2011). From Addicts to Athletes: Participation in the Discursive Construction of Digital Games in Urban China. In Selected Papers of Internet Research, IR 12.0 conference.

Recktenwald, D., & Yiwei, D. (2016). Lagging behind Twitch or on its Own Path: Pressure and Perks on Domestic Online Live Streaming in China. In Proceedings of 3rd Annual Chinese DIGRA Conference.

Lu, Z. (2016). From E-Heroin to E-Sports: The Development of Competitive Gaming in China. The International Journal of the History of Sport, 33(18), 2186-2206.

Dongsheng, Y., Xiaohang, Y., & Daofeng, K. (2011). The Present Situation and Development Trend of E-sports Games in China. In IEEE Future Computer Science and Education Proceedings (pp. 384–386). Piscataway, NJ: IEEE.

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Ismangil, M. (2018). (Re)creating the Nation Online: Nationalism in Chinese Dota 2 Fandom. Asiascape: Digital Asia, 5(3).

Bo, L., Fa, H., & Yi, Y. (2010). Beijing E-Sports Industry Development Based on SWOT Analysis. In Proceeding of International Innovation Design and Management Forum, 105-109.

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