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Jenny, S. E., Krause, J. M., & Armstrong, T. (2021). Technology for Physical Educators, Health Educators, and Coaches: Enhancing Instruction, Assessment, Management, Professional Development, and Advocacy. Human Kinetics

Helttunen, J. (2022). Effects of Sleep on Competitive Esports Performance-Case EXEN Esports.

Cho, Y., Cohen, E. S., Freund, A. E., Yip, J., & Lee, J. H. (2022). Coaching in Esports: Promoting Well-Being and Performance. In Understanding Collegiate Esports (pp. 68-77). Routledge.

Sabtan, B. A. (2022). Human Factors in Esports: Investigating performance measures, coaching practices, and stress training in League of Legends (Doctoral dissertation, University of Waterloo).

Sabtan, B., Cao, S., & Paul, N. (2022). Current practice and challenges in coaching Esports players: An interview study with league of legends professional team coaches. Entertainment Computing, 42, 100481.
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