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Nothelfer, N., & Scholz, T. M. (2022). Policy Recommendation on Esports for the European Parliament

Nothelfer, N., & Scholz, T. M. (2022). Background Analysis on Esports for the European Parliament

Muqaddas, A. S., Stange Tessinari, R., De Dios, O. G., Hugues Salas, E., Casellas, R., Luque, L., Channegowda, M., Giorgetti, A., Sgambelluri, A., Cugini, F., Moreno-Muro, F-J., Garrich, M., Pavón Mariño , P., Morro, R., Farrow, K., Lord, A.,…

Stein, V., & Scholz, T. M. (2016). The Intercultural Challenge of Building the European eSports League. In C. Barmeyer & P. Franklin (Eds.), Case Studies in Intercultural Management: Achieving Synergy from Diversity (pp. 80-94). London: Palgrave.

Siutila, M. (2018). European Esports: a Peek into National Scenes. Proceedings of the Se­mi­nar on eS­ports, Exer­ga­ming, and Fan­ta­sy Lea­gues, University of Jyväskylä, Finland.
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