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Singh, S. (2022). FIFA 2022 game analysis using machine learning & computer vision (Master's thesis, University of Twente).

Tjønndal, A. (2020). “What's Next? Calling Beer-Drinking a Sport?!”: Virtual Resistance to Considering eSport as Sport. Sport, Business and Management, published online before print.

Aghey, C. (2020). Integration of eSports in the Structure of Ifs: Disruption or Continuity? The International Sports Law Journal, 20, 120-125.

Turtiainen, R., Friman, U., & Ruotsalainen, M. (2020). ‘Not Only for a Celebration of Competitive Overwatch but Also for National Pride’: Sportificating the Overwatch World Cup 2016. Games and Culture, 15(4), 351-371.
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