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Almeida, C. E. M., Correia, R. C. M., Eler, D. M., Olivete-Jr, C., Garci, R. E., Scabora, L. C., & Spadon, G. (2017). Prediction of winners in MOBA games. In Iberian Conference on Information Systems and Technologies, CISTI.

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Bonny, J. W., Castaneda, L. M., & Swanson, T. (2016). Using an International Gaming Tournament to Study Individual Differences in MOBA Expertise and Cognitive Skills. In Proceedings of the 2016 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems…

Burger, V., Pajo, J. F., Sanchez, O. R., Seufert, M., Schwartz, C., Wamser, F., … Tran-Gia, P. (2016). Load Dynamics of a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena and Simulative Assessment of Edge Server Placements. In Proceedings of the 7th International…


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Hodge, V., Devlin, S., Sephton, N., Block, F., Drachen, A., & Cowling, P. (2017). Win Prediction in Esports: Mixed-Rank Match Prediction in Multi-player Online Battle Arena Games. arXiv Preprint

Jarrett, J. (2016). Critically Approaching the Playful and Participatory Genealogy of MOBAs. In DiGRA/FDG.

Triberti, S., Milani, L., Grumi, S., Peracchia, S., Curcio, G., & Riva, G. (2018). What Matters is When You Play: Investigating the Relationship Between Online Video Games Addiction and Time Spent Playing over Specific Day Phases. Addictive Behaviors…

Rothwell, G., & Shaffer, M. (2019). eSports in K-12 and Post-Secondary Schools. Education Science, 9(2), 105-115

Kordyaka, B. (2018). Digital Poison – Approaching a Theory of Toxic Behavior in MOBA Games. In Proceedings of the 39th International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS2018). San Francisco, CA.

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Matsui, A., Sapienza, A., & Ferrera, E. (2020). Does Streaming Esports Affect Players’ Behavior and Performance. Games and Culture, 15(1), 9-31.

Mora-Cantallops, M., & Sicilia, M. Á. (2018). MOBA Games: A Literature Review. Entertainment Computing.

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Mora-Cantallops, M., & Sicilia, M. A. (2018). Exploring Player Experience in Ranked League of Legends. Behavior and Information Technology, 37(12), 1224–1236.

Conroy, E., Kowal, M., Toth, A. J., & Campbell, M. (2021). Boosting: Rank and Skill Deception in Esports. Entertainment Computing 36, 100393.
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