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Shain, K. S. (2022). Sowing the Seeds of Peace in the Public-Schools via Esports Gaming with Gamers For Peace.

Torres-Toukoumidis, A. (2022). Esports and the Media: Challenges and Expectations in a Multi-Screen Society.

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Hong, H. J., Wilkinson, G., & Rocha, C. M. (2022). The Relationship Between Basic Needs Satisfaction, Self-determined Motivation, and Burnout in Korean Esports Players. Journal of Gambling Studies, 1-16.

Trepte, S., Reinecke, L., & Jüchems, K. (2012). The Social Side of Gaming. How Online Computer Games Creates Online and Offline Social Support. Computers in Human Behavior, 28, 83.

Taylor, N., Jenson, J., de Castell, S., & Dilouya, B. (2014). Public Displays of Play: Studying Online Games in Physical Settings. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, 19(4), 763-779.
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