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Välisalo, T., & Ruotsalainen, M. (2022). “Sexuality does not belong to the game”: Discourses in Overwatch Community and the Privilege of Belonging. Game Studies: the international journal of computer game research, 22(3).

Irwin, S., Naweed, A., & Lastella, M. (2022). Is is toxic? Banter? Or just talking shit? Applying the AACTT framework to understand trash talk behaviour in esports.

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Välisalo, T., & Ruotsalainen, M. (2022). Player Reception of Change and Stability in Character Mechanics. Modes of Esports Engagement in Overwatch, 67.

Blom, J. (2022) The Player’s Interpretative Agency and the Developer’s Disruptive Powers: How Blizzard Enforces Authorial Intention in Overwatch. Modes of Esports Engagement in Overwatch, 49.

Ruotsalainen, M., Törhönen, M., Karhulahti, V. (2022). Modes of Esports Engagement in Overwatch, Springer

Ruotsalainen, M., & Välisalo, T. (2021). Esports fandom in the age of transmedia: the reception of the overwatch league. Eracle - Journal of Sport and Social Sciences, 4(1): 11-35.

Chae, H., & Lee, SJ. (2021). 오버워치 캐릭터의 성격과 체형이 게이머에 따라 다르게 인식될까. e스포츠연구, 3(1), 1-14

Kirkegaard, E. O. W. (2018). Is National Mental Sport Ability a Sign of Intelligence? An Analysis of the Top Players of 12 Mental Sports. PsyArxiv.

Turtiainen, R., Friman, U., & Ruotsalainen, M. (2020). ‘Not Only for a Celebration of Competitive Overwatch but Also for National Pride’: Sportificating the Overwatch World Cup 2016. Games and Culture, 15(4), 351-371.

Välisalo, T., & Ruotsalainen, M. (2018). Overwatch: The Game, the eSports, and Transmedial User Practices. Proceedings of the Se­mi­nar on eS­ports, Exer­ga­ming, and Fan­ta­sy Lea­gues, University of Jyväskylä, Finland.
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