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Krause, J. M., & Jenny, S. E. (2023). Physical Educators’ Exergaming Integration Experiences, Attitudes, and Self-Efficacy Beliefs. Sagamore Publishing.

Franks, R. R., King, D., Bodine, W., Chisari, E., Heller, A., Jamal IV, F., ... & Solomon, M. (2022). AOASM position statement on esports, active video gaming, and the role of the sports medicine physician. Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine, 32(3),…

Jenny, S.E., Schary, D. P., Noble, K. M. & Hamill, S. D. (2017). The Effectiveness of Developing Motor Skills Through Motion-based Video Gaming: A Review. Simulation & Gaming, 48(6), 722-734.
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