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Wang, Z. (2022). The electric brain: new intelligent agents in esports.

Kugler, L. (2022). How AI is driving the esports boom. Communications of the ACM, 65(9), 17-18.

Huang, H., Xu, J. H., Ling, X., & Paliyawan, P. (2022). Sentence Punctuation for Collaborative Commentary Generation in Esports Live-Streaming. In 2022 IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE) (pp. 1-2). IEEE.

Yang, Z., Pan, Z., Wang, Y., Cai, D., Shi, S., Huang, S. L., ... & Liu, X. (2022). Interpretable Real-Time Win Prediction for Honor of Kings--a Popular Mobile MOBA Esport. IEEE Transactions on Games.

Mosele, J. (2018). Artificial Intelligence in the Sport Industry. Master’s thesis. Politecnico Di Milano, Milano.

Lopez Frias, F. J., & Perez Trivino, J. L. (2016). Will Robots Ever Play Sports. Sport, Ethics and Philosophy, 101, 67-8.
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