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Berndt, A., Helmefalk, M., & McCauley, B. (2022). Building destination identity through esports events: The case of Jönköping, the ‘City of DreamHack’. In 5th Advances in Destination Management, Kalmar, Sweden, June 8-10, 2022..

Felczak, M. (2022). Emergence and Ephemerality of Humour During Live Coverage of Large-Scale eSports Events. In Video Games and Comedy (pp. 233-250). Palgrave Macmillan, Cham.

Lessel, P., Altmeyer, M., & Krüger, A. (2018). Viewers' perception of elements used in game live-streams. In Proceedings of the 22nd International Academic Mindtrek Conference (pp. 59-68).

Candela, J., & Jakee, K. (2018). Can ESports Unseat the Sports Industry? Some Preliminary Evidence from the United States. Choregia: Sport Management Journal, 14(2), 55-71.

Gommesen, N. (2012). The Affective Audience in Professional e-Sport: An Exploration of Spectators, and their Impact on Video Game Playing. Master’s thesis. IT University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen.
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