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Taylor, N., & Stout, B. (2020). Gender and the Two-Tiered System of Collegiate Esports. Critical Studies in Media Communication, published online before print.

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Keiper, M. C., Manning, R. D., Jenny, S. E., Olrich, T., & Croft, C. (2017). No Reason to LoL at LoL: the Addition of eSports to Intercollegiate Atheltic Departments. Journal for the Study of Sports and Athletes in Education, 11(2), 143-160.

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Kauweloa, S., & Winter, J. S. (2016). Collegiate E-sports as Work or Play. In Proceedings of 1st International Joint Conference of DIGRA and FDG.

Karsenti, T., & Bugmann, J. (2018). Le e-sport, un nouveau « sport » numérique universitaire? Revue internationale des technologies en pédagogie universitaire, 15(1).

Richard, G. T., Mckinley, Z., & Ashley, R. (2018). Collegiate eSports as Learning Ecologies: Investigating Collaborative Learning and Cognition During Competitions. Proceedings of DiGRA 2018

Türkay, S., Formosa, J. Adinolf, S., Cuthbert, R., & Altizer, R. (2020). See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil: How Collegiate Esports Players Define, Experience and Cope with Toxicity. In CHI ’20: Proceedings of the 2020 CHI Conference on Human…

Pizzo, A. D., Jones, G. J., Funk, D. C., & Hall, S. (2019). Navigating the Iron Cage: An Institutional Creation Perspective of Collegiate eSports, International Journal of Sport Management, 20, 171-197.
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