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Jenny, S. E., & Pastore, R. (2023). A Bunch of Big Idiots Smack into Each Other” – A Mixed-Method Investigation of Learning Rugby through Video Gaming Compared to Traditional Instruction. Elsevier.

Borges, G., Sigiliano, D., & Costa, S. (2022). Comparative Study of the Transmedia Element in Esports: America, Europe, and Asia. In Esports and the Media (pp. 69-84). Routledge.

Dixon, P. (2022). Esports as Entertainment: A Comparison to Traditional Sports.

Kim, Y. H., Nauright, J., & Suveatwatanakul, C. (2020). The Rise of E-Sports and Potential for Post-COVID Continued Growth. Sport in Society, published online before print.

Khromov, N., Korotin, A., Lange, A., Stepanov, A., Burnaev, E., & Somov, A. (2018). Esports Athletes and Players: A Comparative Study. arXiv
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