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Azevedo, R. C. (2022). Key factors for eSports games success (Doctoral dissertation).

Boyce, W. S., Morris, J., & Tracy, P. M. (2021). COVID-19 and the changes in daily streaming behavior of consumers in the United States. International Journal of Business Analytics (IJBAN), 8(3), 26-39.

Churchill, B. C., & Xu, W. (2016). The modem nation: A first study on Twitch. tv social structure and player/game relationships. In 2016 IEEE international conferences on big data and cloud computing (BDCloud), social computing and networking…

Stepanov, A., Lange, A., Khromov, N., Korotin, A., Burnaev, E., & Somov, A. (2019). Sensors and Game Synchronization for Data Analysis in eSports. ArXiv.

Schubert, M., Drachen, A., & Mahlmann, T. (2016). Esports Analytics Through Encounter Detection. In Proceedings of the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference 2016 MIT Sloan.

Korotin, A., Khromov, N., Stepanov, A., Lange, A., Burnaev, E., & Somov, A. (2019). Towards Understanding of eSports Athletes’ Potentialities: The Sensing System for Data Collection and Analysis. ArXiv

Curley, A. J., Nausha, M., Slocum, J., & Lombardi, D. (2016). What Motivates Esports Fans? A Data-Driven Approach to Business and Development Strategy. Working Paper
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