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Wang, Z. (2022). The electric brain: new intelligent agents in esports.

Ringer, C., Nicolaou, M. A., & Walker, J. A. (2022). Autohighlight: Highlight detection in League of Legends esports broadcasts via crowd-sourced data. Machine Learning with Applications, 100338.

Loures, T. C., Fernandes, G. L., Araújo, F. G., Martins, K. S., & de Melo, P. O. V. (2020). StinkyCheese: Chat-Based Model for Subscription Classification. In ChAT@ PKDD/ECML.

Canning, S., & Betrus, A. (2017). The Culture of Deep Learning in ESports: An Insider’s Perspective. Educational Technology, 57(2), 65–69.
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