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Zhang, J. (2022). Understanding Personal Motivation between Willingness to Participate in E-sports and Potential Consumption (Doctoral dissertation).

Yunanri, W., & Measer, A. (2022). SISTEM INFORMASI MANAJEMEN EVENT ELETRONIC SPORT (E-SPORT) BERBASIS WEB PADA KOMUNITAS ESPORT Indonesia WILAYAH KABUPATEN SUMBAWA. Jurnal Manajemen Informatika dan Sistem Informasi, 5(2), 109-115.

Soares, A. K. S., Goedert, M. C. F., & Vargas, A. F. (2022). Mental health and social connectedness during the COVID-19 pandemic: an analysis of sports and e-sports players. Frontiers in psychology, 13.

Abdolmaleki, H., Khodayari, A., & Shariati, J. A. (2022). Modeling of the role of E-Word of Mouth on Business Performance of eSports with Mediating of Consumer Purchasing Behavior. Journal of Sport Management, 13(4), 1093-1105.

Kirkegaard, E. O. W. (2018). Is National Mental Sport Ability a Sign of Intelligence? An Analysis of the Top Players of 12 Mental Sports. PsyArxiv.
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