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This text will help health and physical education teachers and coaches improve their abilities by learning to effectively use technology in the areas of instruction, assessment, management, communication, professional development, and advocacy. The…

As part of a larger study inventorying nearly 100 worldwide higher education esports programs (Jenny et al., in press), the purpose of this presentation is to offer an analysis of the current global offerings of performance and…

Esports can be used as a tool to
motivate students and teach knowledge, skills, and competencies within a holistic learning
experience. There are six papers presented within this “Esports and Education” track at the
2022 Esports Research Network…

Chow, L. (2022). Changing the Game: Discover How Esports and Gaming are Redefining Business, Careers, Education, and the Future. Greenleaf Book Group.

Modreanu, E. S. (2022). A parent-child eSports e-learning system to foster sustainable gaming for children (Bachelor's thesis, University of Twente).

Sousa, B. A. M. (2022). Esports Penetration in the Global Market-Insertion in education sector.

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Pirker, J., Steinmaurer, A., & Karakas, A. (2021). Beyond Gaming: The Potential of Twitch for Online Learning and Teaching. In Proceedings of the 26th ACM Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education V. 1 (pp. 74-80).

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Funk, D. C., Pizzo, A. D., & Baker, B. J. (2018). eSport Management: Embracing eSport Education and Research Opportunities. Sport Management Review, 21(1), 7-13.
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