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Jung, K. S. (2022). Assessment of the Utilization of Ergonomics in Collegiate Varsity Esports Programs (Doctoral dissertation, Ohio University).

Lam, W. K., Chen, B., Liu, R. T., Cheung, J. C. W., & Wong, D. W. C. (2022). Spine Posture, Mobility, and Stability of Top Mobile Esports Athletes: A Case Series. Biology, 11(5), 737.

Lam, W. K., Liu, R. T., Chen, B., Huang, X. Z., Yi, J., & Wong, D. W. C. (2022). Health Risks and Musculoskeletal Problems of Smartphone-game Elite eSport Players: a Cross-sectional Descriptive Study.

Lipovaya, V. (2019). Esports: Opportunities for Future Ergonomic Studies. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, 824, 1937–1948.
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