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This article analyzes the relationship between student productive labor, or the creation of media content like podcasts or graphic designs, and the institutionalization of collegiate esports. Through 19 semi-structured interviews with students and…

This study investigates the video game play of a multiplayer firstperson shooter, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, as part of an esports programme at a vocational school. The game environment is multilingual, and the focal participants are all…

In this paper, I examine the theoretical foundations of esports anti-doping policies. Specifically, I focus on the health- and integrity-related arguments on which esports organizations rely to justify their anti-doping efforts and how the arguments…

Macedo, T. & Falcão, T. (2019). Group Dynamics in Esports: Delving into the Semi-professional League of Legends Amazonian Scenario. In: Zagalo, N., Veloso, A., Costa, L., Mealha, Ó. (Eds.), Videogame Sciences and Arts. VJ 2019 (pp. 150-165),…

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Toth, A. J., Ramsbottom, N., Kowal, M., & Campbell, M. J. (2020). Converging Evidence Supporting the Cognitive Link between Exercise and Esport Performance: A Dual Systematic Review. Brain Sciences, 10(11), 859.
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