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Postma, D. B., van Delden, R. W., & Van Hilvoorde, I. M. (2022). “Dear IOC”: Considerations for the Governance, Valuation, and Evaluation of Trends and Developments in eSports. Frontiers in Sports and Active Living, 4.

Johnson, M. R., & Abarbanel, B. (2022). Ethical judgments of esports spectators regarding cheating in competition. Convergence, 13548565221089214.

In this paper, I examine the theoretical foundations of esports anti-doping policies. Specifically, I focus on the health- and integrity-related arguments on which esports organizations rely to justify their anti-doping efforts and how the arguments…

Nothelfer, N. & Petschinka, P. (2022). Wetten auf eSport-Ereignisse in Deutschland und Österreich. Sport- und E-Sportrecht in der Praxis, 20-25.

Maties, M. & Nothelfer, N. (2021). Zulässigkeit von Wetten auf eSport-Ereignisse nach deutschem Glücksspielrecht. Zeitschrift für Wett- und Glücksspielrecht, 128-137. (article in the 15th anniversary issue)

Chee, F. M., & Karhulahti, V.-M. (2020). The Ethical and Political Contours of Institutional Promotion in Esports: From Precariat Models to Sustainable Practices. Human Technology, 16(2), 200-226.

Cottrell, C., McMillen, N., & Harris, B. S. (2018). Sport Psychology in a Virtual World: Considerations for Practicioners Working in eSports. Journal of Sport Psychology in Action.
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