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Bickmann, P., Wechsler, K. Rudolf, K., Tholl, C., Froböse, I., & Grieben, C. (2020). Gaze Behavior of Professional and Non-Professional eSports Players in FIFA 19. International Journal of Gaming and Computer-Mediated Simulations, 12(3), 1-17.

Velichkovsky, B. B., Khromov, N., Korotin, A., Burnaev, E., & Somov, A. (2019). Visual Fixations Duration as an Indicator of Skill Level in eSports.

Seo, Y. N., Kim, M., Lee, D., & Jung, Y. (2018). Attention to Esports Advertisement: Effect of Ad Animation and In-Game Dynamics on Viewers’ Visual Attention. Behavior & Information Technology, 37(12), 1194–1202.
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