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Wolf, C., & Krämer, F. (2022). Women in Esports: A Qualitative Study on Shared Experiences of Women in the Esports Industry.

Schleiner, A. M. (2020). Ecologies of Friends: Boy Masters of Craft, Live-Streaming Jocks, and Pockets of Others. In Playful Participatory Practices (pp. 73-93). Springer VS, Wiesbaden.

Uszkoreit, L. (2018). With great power comes great responsibility: video game live streaming and its potential risks and benefits for female gamers. In Feminism in Play (pp. 163-181). Palgrave Macmillan, Cham.

Witkowski, E. (2018). Doing/Undoing Gender with the Girl Gamer in High-Performance Play. Feminism in Play, 185-203.

Cullen, A. L. L. (2018). ‘I play to win!’: Geguri as a (Post)Feminist Icon in eSports. Feminist Media Studies, 18(5), 948-952.
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