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Krajník, J. (2022). “Hot hand” in Esports: Quiet Eye Does Not Generalize to Multiple Targets in a Computerized Task.

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Aksun, O. (2022). Enhancing the experience of esports spectating: a design study on competitive gaming and spectator interfaces (Master's thesis, Middle East Technical University).

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Mihailova, T. (2020). Navigating ambiguous negativity: A case study of Twitch. tv live chats. New Media & Society, 1461444820978999.

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DiFrancisco-Donoghue, J., Werner, W. G., Douris, P. C., & Zwibel, H. (2020). Esports Players, Got Muscle? Competitive Video Game Players’ Physical Activity, Body Fat, Bone Mineral Content, and Muscle Mass in Comparison to Matched Controls. Journal of…

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Macey, J., Abarbanel, B., & Hamari, J. (2020). What Predicts eSports betting? A Study on Consumption of Video Games, eSports, Gambling and Demographic Factors. New Media & Society, 1-25.

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Abarbanel, B., & Johnson, M. R. (2018). Esports Consumer Perspectives on Match-Fixing: Implications for Gambling Awareness and Game Integrity. International Gambling Studies, 19(2), 296-311.
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