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Howard, M. (2018). Esport: Professional League of Legends as Cultural History. Master’s thesis. University of Houston, Houston, TX.

Jin, D. Y. (2020). Historiography of Korean Esports: Perspective on Spectatorship. International Journal of Communication, 14, 3727-3745.

Jonasson, K. (2016). Broadband and Circuits: the Place of Public Gaming in the History of Sport. Sport, Ethics and Philosophy, 10(1), 5-13.

Karhulahti, V.-M. (2017). Reconsidering Esport: Economics and Executive Ownership. Physical Culture and Sport. Studies and Research, Volume LXXIV, 43-53.

Snavely, T. L. (2014). History and Analysis of eSport Systems. Master's Thesis. University of Texas, Austin.


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