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Camilleri, P. (2022). Esports: A New Frontier for Inclusion Through Competitive Game Engagement. In Inclusive Digital Education (pp. 293-309). Cham: Springer International Publishing.

Piggott, L., Tjønndal, A., & Hovden, J. (2022). Leadership and gender inclusion in esports organisations. In Social Issues in Esports (pp. 46-64). Routledge.

Pack, S. M., & Hedlund, D. P. (2020). Inclusion of Electronic Sports in the Olympic Games for the Right (or Wrong) Reasons. International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics, published online before print.

Groen, M. (2013). Exclusion and Inclusion of Women in E-sport and the Example of StarCraft: Wings of Liberty. In K. Mitgutsch, S. Huber, J. Wimmer, M. Wagner & H. Rosenstingl (Eds.), Context Matters (pp. 235–240). Vienna: New Academic Press.

Amazan-Hall, K., Chen, J. J., Chiang, K., Cullen, A. L. L., Deppe, M., Dormitorio, E., … Trammell, A. (2018). Diversity and Inclusion in Esports Programs in Higher Education: Leading by Example at UCI. International Journal of Gaming and…
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