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Tang, W. (2018). Understanding Esports from the Perspective of Team Dynamics. The Sport Journal, 21, published online 26 July.

Nuangjumnong, T. (2016). Development of Leadership through eSports. Doctoral dissertation. Waseda University, Tokyo.


Nuangjumnong, T. (2015). The Universality of Leadership Behaviors in Virtual Environments: A Case of Esports Players in Thailand. Journal of the Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies, 30(3), 105–132.

Zanin, N. (2018). The Impact of Leadership on Virtual Team Satisfaction and Viability: the Role of Performance Monitoring and Team Work Engagement (Master’s thesis). Universidade Católica Portuguesa.

Byrne, A. M. (2020). Using Esports to Teach Bystanders Leadership and Collaboration for Students in STEM. About Campus, March-April 2020, 24-27.
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