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Kow, Y. M., Young, T., & Salen Tekinbas, K. (2014). Crafting the Metagame: Connected Learning in the StarCraft 2 Community. Irvine, CA: Digital Media and Learning Research Hub.

Wagner, M. (2007). Competing in Metagame Gamespace. Metapress.


Donaldson, S. (2016). Metagaming and Subversive Play in League of Legends. Proceedings of the First International Joint Conference of DiGRA and FDG Dundee, Scotland: Digital Games Research Association and Society for the Advancement of the Science of…

Donaldson, S. (2017). Mechanics and Metagame: Exploring Binary Expertise in League of Legends. Games and Culture, 12(5), 426-444.
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