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Egliston, B. (2020). ‘Seeing isn’t doing’: Examining tensions between bodies, videogames and technologies ‘beyond’the game. New Media & Society, 22(6), 984-1003.

Witkowski, E. (2012). Inside the Huddle: The Sociology and Phenomenology of Team Play in Networked Computer Games Doctoral dissertation. IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Reeves, S., Brown, B., & Laurier, E. (2009). Experts at Play: Understanding Skilled Expertise. Games and Culture, 4(3), 205–227.

Conway, S. (2016). An Earthless World: the Contemporary Enframing of Sport in Digital Games. Sport, Ethics and Philosophy, 10(1), 83-96.

Ekdahl, D., & Ravn, S. (2018). Embodied Involvement in Virtual Worlds: the Case of eSports Practitioners. Sport, Ethics, and Philosophy, 13(2), 132-144.
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