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Törhönen, M., Sjöblom, M., Hassan, L., & Hamari, J. (2019). Fame and fortune, or just fun? A study on why people create content on video platforms. Internet Research, 30 (1).

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Törhönen, M., Hassan, L., Sjöblom, M., & Hamari, J. (2019). Play, playbour or labour? The relationships between perception of occupational activity and outcomes among streamers and YouTubers. In: Proceedings of the 52nd Hawaii International…

Hinnant, N. (2013). Practicing Work, Perfecting Play: League of Legends and the Sentimental Education of e-Sports. Master’s thesis. Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA.

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Sjöblom, M., Törhönen, M., Hamari, J., & Macey, J. (2019). The ingredients of Twitch streaming: Affordances of game streams. Computers in Human Behavior, 92, 20-28.
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