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M. Nicholson, C. McNulty, T. Pavey, D. Poulus, C. Thompson, R. Robergs, V. Kelly (2023). Quantifying Physical Activity and Self-Determination towards Exercise among Esports Players. Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport.

Mikail, B. A. T. U., KOCAÖMER, C., Onur, T. O. S., & KOCAÖMER, N.,(2022). Understanding Motivational Factors Influencing Intention to Play Esports Games in Türkiye. TRT Akademi, 7(16), 1032-1051.

Zyza, J. (2022). Esports Fans as Players and Their Motivations to Spectate Esports: Case of League of Legends.

Kang, J. O., Kang, K. D., Lee, J. W.,, Nam, J. J., & Han, D. H. (2020). Comparison of Psychological and Cognitive Characteristics between Professional Internet Game Players and Professional Baseball Players. International Journal of Environmental…
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