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Leis, O., & Lautenbach, F. (2020). Psychological and Physiological Stress in Non-Competitive and Competitive Esports Settings: A Systematic Review. Psychology of Sport & Exercise, 51, 1-14.

Skouroliakos, L., Halkiopoulos, C., Gkintoni, E., & Antonopoulo, H. (2017). Psychological Affect of e-Sports in e-Marketing via Computational Methods. In 5 th International Conference on Contemporary Marketing Issues ICCMI June 21-23, 2017…

Cottrell, C., McMillen, N., & Harris, B. S. (2018). Sport Psychology in a Virtual World: Considerations for Practicioners Working in eSports. Journal of Sport Psychology in Action.

Bányai, F., Griffiths, M. D., Király, O., & Demetrovics, Z. (2018). The Psychology of Esports: A Systematic Literature Review. Journal of Gambling Studies, 35, 351-365.
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