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From an outside perspective, it may be believed that the video gaming and esports industry thrived during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns due the capacity for online gaming and many media reports citing surging player and viewer statistics. However,…

Therefore, the purpose of this study was to investigate the pandemic’s economic impact on the
esports industry, taking into account varying types of stakeholders (i.e., primary esports
activities performed, legal status, business size), using…

Nyström, A. G., McCauley, B., Macey, J., Scholz, T. M., Besombes, N., Cestino, J., ... & Törhönen, M. (2022). Current issues of sustainability in esports. International Journal of Esports, 3(3).

Peng, Q., Dicksson, G., Scelles, N., Grix, J., & Brannagan, P. M. (2020). Esports Governance: Exploring Stakeholder Dynamics. sustainability, 12, 8270.
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