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Kwak, H., Blackburn, J., & Han, S. (2015). Exploring Cyberbullying and Other Toxic Behavior in Team Competition Online Games. Seoul: CHI.

Kim, Y. J., Engel, D. Wooley, A. W., Lin, J. Y. T., McArthur, N., & Malone, T. W. (2017). What Makes a Strong Team?: Using Collective Intelligence to Predict Team Performance in League of Legends. CSCW, 2316-2329.

Drachen, A., Yancey, M., Maguire, J., Chu, D., Wang, I. Y., Mahlmann, T., …, & Klabjan, D. (2016). Skill-based Differences in Spatio-temporal Team Behavior in Defence of the Ancients 2. 6th IEEE Consumer Electronics Society Games, Entertainment,…

Brünnle, T. T. (2016). Teambildung in Onlinespielen. Working Papers kultur- und techniksoziologische Studien.
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