Florian Lefebvre is finalising his marketing PhD which looks at the dynamic capabilities of football clubs as they enter the esports market. He talks to Brian and Steph about what he found and also his future plans for research in Vietnam. Follow Florian on Twitter here to follow his progress while you can read about his research on dynamic capabilities or his exploratory work on Vietnam.

To see the original research on gaming cultures and the role of esports in Vietnam by Brian click here


PhD thesis title at Paris-Saclay University : Contribution to the analysis of professional football clubs’ strategies on the international market of esport: a dynamic capabilities approach. Sense – Seize – Transform adapted to the deployment of professional football clubs’ esports strategies : https://www.researchgate.net/publication/347645463_The_deployment_of_professional_football_clubs%27_eSports_strategies_a_dynamic_capabilities_approach

Exploratory research about esports in Vietnam : https://www.researchgate.net/publication/349251701_Vietnamese_league_of_legends_professional_esports_teams_resources_allocation_processes_confront_with_player_transfers_Building_a_preliminary_framework_through_dynamic_capabilities

Twitter account : @TenguFlo.

YouTube channel : TenguFlo Esports

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