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Boudaoud, B., Spjut, J., & Kim, J. (2022). FirstPersonScience: An Open Source Tool for Studying FPS Esports Aiming. In ACM SIGGRAPH 2022 Talks (pp. 1-2).

Naweed, A., Irwin, S. V., & Lastella, M. (2020). Varieties of (Un)sportsmanlike Conduct in the FPS Esports Genre: A Taxonomic Classification of ‘Esportsmanship'. Journal of Global Sport Management, 1-21.

Morris, S. (2003). WADs, Bots and Mods Multiplayer FPS Games as Co-creative Media. DIGRA Conference.

Rothwell, G., & Shaffer, M. (2019). eSports in K-12 and Post-Secondary Schools. Education Science, 9(2), 105-115

Campbell, M., Toth, A., Moran, A., Kowal, M., & Exton, C. (2018). Esports: A New Window on Neurocognitive Expertise? Progress in Brain Research, 240, 161–174.
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