The phenomenon of esports grew in recent years exponentially and, even though, esports is around for several decades, research is still scarce and scattered. For understanding the implications of esports on the modern and digitised world, it seems necessary that researchers have to collaborate to achieve fundamental research on esports. Especially as esports cannot be categorised in one specific scientific discipline esports strives from interdisciplinary research. Esports can act hereby as a Future Lab for different phenomena. Social issues can be observed in esports, as well as, solutions can be identified for pressing issues on levels of society and economy.

Therefore, researchers from Tampere University, Jönköping University, University of Sydney and University of Siegen met at the #ESLOneCologne2019 to discuss future research possibilities & ways to network. Based on this discussion, the “Esports Research Network” was formed to foster future research collaborations. The research networks goal is to connect researchers around the world and create a meeting-point for researchers and practitioneers.