Amanda Cote (@accote) is Assistant Professor of Media Studies/Game Studies at the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication. While her past research has focused more on individual game play, she’s now addressing collegiate esports as part of the UO Esports and Games Research Lab

Steph & Brian chat to her about lots of different things including her new book Gaming Sexism :gender and identity in the era of casual video games.

Apart from possibly the greatest chapter title in the history of research based books (Tits, Tokenism, and Trash-Talk: Overt Sexism in Game Culture) the official description is: In Gaming Sexism, Amanda C. Cote explores the video game industry and its players to explain this contradiction, how it affects female gamers, and what it means in terms of power and gender equality. Across in-depth interviews with women-identified gamers, Cote delves into the conflict between diversification and resistance to understand their impact on gaming, both casual and “core” alike. From video game magazines to male reactions to female opponents, she explores the shifting expectations about who gamers are, perceived changes in gaming spaces, and the experiences of female gamers amidst this gendered turmoil. While Cote reveals extensive, persistent problems in gaming spaces, she also emphasizes the power of this motivated, marginalized audience, and draws on their experiences to explore how structural inequalities in gaming spaces can be overcome. Gaming Sexism is a well-timed investigation of equality, power, and control over the future of technology.

Also from our point of view, interesting, thought provoking and easy to read! Tits, Tokenism, and Trash-Talk: Overt Sexism in Game Culture. You can also follow the podcast as audio on Apple, Google and Spotify.