We talk to Dr Nico Besombes, Associate Professor of Sociology of Sport at the University of Paris and Vice President of French National Esports Association

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Presented by Dr Stephanie Orme & Dr Brian McCauley 

The Esports Research Network Conference is the first scientific event held by the Esports Research Network and the Institute for Sports and Health Sciences of Paris The two-days conference will be held online on Twitch and YouTube on December 9-10, 2021, and will bring together the scientific community from around the world and the professional esports industry. More than 30 communications will be presented, 2 keynotes from Pr. Joanne Donoghue (Professor at NY Institute of Technology and Center for Esports Medicine) and Ismael Pedraza (Doctoral Candidate in Performance Psychology at University of Cologne in Germany and Performance Coach at Rogue Esports), and 4 panel of experts on esports & health related topics (Physical Injuries, Mental Health, Nutrition, and Parental Environment) with academics, professionals, and (former) pro-players.

For this first edition, the ERN has chosen the theme of « Esports Health & Well-being Management ». The multidisciplinary scientific event is dedicated to the international community of researchers, students, and industry professionals concerned by the physical, mental and social health issues of the esports sector.

The objective of the conference is to assemble and connect researchers, whose work provides empirical data on health issues in esports, and industry professionals, who are confronted in their activities with these issues on a daily basis, for two days.

Due to the current situation with the COVID-19 health crisis, we have decided to host the ERNC 2021 as an online event. Regarding the format, we look forward to hosting submitted individual communications and possible symposia presentations in the morning sessions (thematic sessions), and invited keynotes by leaders in esports academics and panels of experts from the industry during the afternoon sessions (Q&A moderated).