After med school when her professional Fortnite playing career didn’t take off as planned, Dr Lindsey Migliore, aka GamerDoc, decided to fall back on a trade as a medical doctor to become; a licensed esports medicine physician, host, consultant, writer, and nonprofit director. Seriously she does a LOT ( We talk to her about the medical side of esports health including the ‘Handbook of Esports Medicine’, the first book of its kind to focus exclusively on esports medicine, the diagnosis and management of injuries and conditions affecting competitive video gamers. She is also on one of the panels for our upcoming conference on health and well-being  in esports here:

Handbook of Esports Medicine

You can listen to the podcast on SpotifyAppleDeezer, Google or Stitcher or watch it on Youtube 

If you didn’t think she is busy enough she is also the executive Director of ‘Queer Women of Esports‘ which works to make esports accessible for everyone as her colleague and fellow advocate for a better esports future, Dr. Sarah Hayes,  tells Steph & Brian here:

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