Nicolas (Nico) Besombes does a lot. Including organizing our first conference on esports health and well-being in two weeks, meaning many of us would have been in Paris in normal pre-pandemic times. His roles in research, esports and education means he knows a lot, especially about a huge swath of the esports global ecosystem that many English speakers may miss, French esports.

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French esports and the ecosystems using in the language are huge. Brian & Steph talk (in English) about the objective of the sociology of sport, the specificity of the French esports ecosystem, the role of the publishers in the governance of the sector, and the way to develop esports locally in a globalized industry. Nico Besombes is an Associate Professor of Sports Sociology at the University of Paris BUT also the Vice President of France Esports. And..leading our upcoming conference, the co-founder of the French Speaking Association for Esports Research and Studies called AREFE board member of the Esports Research Network, and an advisor of the Global Association for International Sports Federation. Read more of his informed thoughts here on his Medium and google translate what France esports does here.