Stephanie Harvey (missharvey), former CS and CS:GO player and World Champion and now Director of Franchise Development and Outreach for Counter Logic Gaming (CLG), joins Steph & Brian to talk about diversity and inclusion initiatives in esports. It’s clear why she won Canada’s Smartest Person and if you watch the show you can see how her esports skills were a definite advantage at times. Register and join us at the ERN21 online conference on December 9th and 10th (free) where missharvey will be on a panel discussing the importance of nutrition in esports. You can also listen to the podcast on SpotifyAppleDeezer, Google or Stitcher or watch it on Youtube

When she started her professional career in esports in 2003, Steph was one of the few women in that space. A pioneer for gender equality in games development and esports, she has been a long-time advocate for gender equity in gaming. Steph talks about how her experiences as a player and developer have informed her approach to helping cultivate a more equitable landscape for marginalized players in esports, and how toxicity in esports is more than just a gaming issue, but ties into the larger topic of cyber-citizenship. She shares with us details about her book on cyber-citizenship that is currently in the works, as well as ÉLEVEY her new clothing line that is focused on uplifting marginalized genders in gaming.

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