Project Overview “Handbook of Esports”

Past esports books focus on specific areas of esports (e.g., esports medicine, esports business/management, esports history, collegiate esports, etc.). A reference source is lacking in the literature that provides a broad overview of esports. The editors of this book propose to address this gap with the creation of a wide-reaching, interdisciplinary Handbook of Esports, intended for publication with a major global book publisher (finalizing details now).

The purpose of this article is for the editors to solicit interest from esports SCHOLARS and esports INDUSTRY personnel who would like to be considered for writing, co-writing, or peer reviewing chapters in this book.

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Handbook of Esports Editors

Photo: Esports Research Network Conference 2022, Jönköping, Sweden

Seth E. Jenny, Ph.D., Senior Editor
Department of Exercise Science and Athletic Training
Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania, USA

Nicolas Besombes, Ph.D., Associate Editor
Sports Faculty of Université Paris Cité, France

Tom Brock, Ph.D., Associate Editor
Department of Sociology
Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom

Amanda Cote, Ph.D., Associate Editor
School of Journalism and Communication
University of Oregon, USA

Tobias M. Scholz, Ph.D., Associate Editor
Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior
University of Siegen, Germany