In an era where digital landscapes are continually reshaping the way we learn, teach, and engage, the advent of academic esports stands at the forefront of educational innovation. Distinct from the realms of casual gaming and competitive esports, academic esports emerges as a disciplined approach that harnesses the immersive power of video games to cultivate a wide array of skills and competencies in learners. This nuanced field not only challenges the traditional paradigms of education but also opens new avenues for research, pedagogy, and learner engagement. As we delve into this burgeoning domain, we warmly invites scholars, educators, game designers, practitioners, and doctoral students to share their insights, research findings, pedagogical strategies, and visions at our seminar on academic esports.
This interdisciplinary event aims to foster a comprehensive dialogue on the integration of esports into educational settings, examining its impact, exploring innovative practices, and envisioning the future of learning through the lens of gaming. Through a mix of practitioner-oriented sessions, academic presentations, and a dedicated doctoral workshop, we seek to catalyze collaboration, inspire educational advancements, and contribute to the scholarly discourse on academic esports.Event Structure:

  • 21st -22nd May: Academic Presentations – Two days dedicated to the presentation of research and innovative teaching methods in academic esports.
  • 23rd May: Practitioner-Oriented Sessions – Featuring panels, workshops, and presentations from figures in esports, education, and industry, focusing on the practical application of academic esports in various contexts. In addition there will be a keynote that we will soon be announced.
  • 24th May: Doctoral Workshop – An opportunity for doctoral students to present their research, receive feedback, and network with established academics in the field.

This event will be physical, but we plan to stream the presentations.

Themes and Topics:

We welcome abstracts that address, but are not limited to, the following themes:

  • Assessment and evaluation in academic esports
  • Comparative analyses of academic esports versus traditional educational tools.
  • Esports and STEAM education
  • Ethical considerations and digital identity in esports
  • Fostering interdisciplinarity through academic esports
  • Impact of academic esports on student engagement and learning outcomes.
  • Innovative learning models through esports
  • Integrating academic esports into company esports
  • Paths after retirement of being a pro player
  • Pedagogical frameworks of academic esports
  • Psychological and social aspects of academic Esports
  • Skill development through academic esports
  • Teaching sustainability through academic esports

Submission Guidelines:

  • Abstracts should be no more than 250 words, written in English.
  • Please include a brief biography of the author(s) (up to 100 words per author) and indicate if you are a student.

Submit your abstract via mail to

Important Dates:

Abstract Submission Deadline: 6th March 2024
Notification of Acceptance: 13th March 2024
Conference Dates: 21st – 24th May 2024

Registration and Fees:

Information about accommodation, and other logistical details will be provided upon acceptance of abstracts and closer to the event date. The registration fee will be 100€ (for students we will be able to subsidize the fee). Please visit our website for updates.

We are excited to foster a vibrant discussion on the educational potential of esports and to showcase the latest research and practices in this innovative field. Join us at UiA for an engaging and enlightening experience that aims to shape the future of academic esports.

For inquiries, please contact Tobias Scholz (

We look forward to your contributions and to welcoming you to an event that promises to be both informative and transformative.