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The Esports Research Report is a resource for researchers, students and people interested in esports. We talk to researchers across a range of scientific disciplines who are doing work within the field of esports and games. We also talk to the people engaged in the industry to try build a clearer picture of what is happening within this fast moving and innovative context. “Dive into the scientific side of Esports with Brian McCauley and Steph Orme, who break down different aspects with fascinating people from esports and science.” This podcast is available in audio formats and also as Youtube videos. 

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A PhD on MOBA's and Cultures with Julia Hiltscher

With almost 20 years in ESL, and as founding editor of the Esports yearbook, Julia Hiltscher knows a little about esports and is currently preparing to defend her PhD thesis. We discuss her topic of MOBA and culture and develop an understanding of how rooted modern esports is in humanities collective cultural history!

You can contact Julia here

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Dr. Brian McCauley
Dr. Stephanie Orme
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