With the first ERN conference coming up we are on a roll with health and well-being topics podcasts. You can listen to the podcast on SpotifyAppleDeezer, Google or Stitcher or watch it on Youtube  . Episode 29 features Michael Trotter who is finalising his PhD at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane Australia. He discuss his research with Brian McCauley into the health and psychological determinants of success in esports. He is also the co-founder of Australia’s first university integrated esports program. A program founded on customer experience and community development. Michael has driven the esports program to form strong connections between seemingly unrelated university groups and developed strong relationships with industry leading companies for the benefits of both students and researchers at QUT.

Feel free to email Michael (m2.trotter@qut.edu.au) for a copy of any of his published work, including;  Trotter, M. G., Coulter, T. J., Davis, P. A., Poulus, D. R., & Polman, R. (2020). The association between Esports participation, health and physical activity behaviour. International journal of environmental research and public health, 17(19), 7329. Or Trotter, M. G., Coulter, T. J., Davis. P. A., Poulus, D. R., & Polman, R. (In Press). Self-regulation, Psychological skill use and social support in esports and its association with performance. Frontiers in Psychology.

He also has a host of recent works on Google Scholar here and he can be followed on Twitter here

Also not his first podcast! https://blogs.qut.edu.au/qutex/2019/09/17/qut-execinsights-michael-trotter-on-the-esports-phenomenon/