You may have just watched the League of Legends finals and marveled at the sheer magnificence of the entire show. We talked to the person who has literally researched the importance of music at the event:  Dr. Eulalia Febrer Coll. Besides providing us all with great playlists to level up our esports play, Eulalia Febrer Coll is a Musicologist (don’t worry we also had to ask her what that means) who researches the role of sound & music in esports. We talk to her about her paper on the role of music in League of Legends and her work in esports education through the eDojo in Spain. She did her PhD in Cardiff titled: ‘Evolved’ Traditions: The Role of Music in Contemporary Spiritual Practices and what is esports to many of us but a contemporary spirtual practice
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Febrer Coll, E. (2020). Living like Giants: ‘League of Legends’ from the screen to the stage. Journal of Sound, Silence, Image and Technology, (3), 71-88.